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Smart Space Technology for a Smart Revenue Strategy

  1. Smart Space Technology for a Smart Revenue Strategy Blog previously published via IDeaS
  2.  IDeaS recently announced the acquisition of Smart Space Strategy Limited, a company that pioneered a cloud-based, visual strategy management solution that analyzes the business trends and performance of meeting and event space. This is an exciting acquisition for IDeaS, since it allows our company to further support hotels in developing a holistic and profitable revenue strategy across their entire organization.
  3. Heather Hart, Director at Smart Space, and Mike Chuma, VP of Product Strategy & Marketing recently had an opportunity to talk about Smart Space and its ability to establish a firm connection between revenue managers and event sales managers.
  4. What is Smart Space? Smart Space was designed as an interactive application to help meetings managers better understand the demand for their space, and make more informed decisions in order to sell it more effectively. It is a holistic approach to managing this undervalued part of the hospitality business, providing data on demand trends, effective selling strategies and performance measures, such as attendee density and conversion of opportunities.
  5. What is Smart Space? Smart Space is an intuitive and simple way to access useful data related to the meetings and events business management and to support revenue optimization.
  6. What excites you most about bringing Smart Space into the IDeaS family? What excites me most is the opportunity to bring the unique benefits of a meetings strategy tool to a more global audience with the support and expertise of a highly respected brand. There are greater resources now available that will enhance the functionality of Smart Space more quickly.
  7. What excites you most about bringing Smart Space into the IDeaS family? I think the most exciting aspect is the prospect of developing a truly groundbreaking solution that combines the analytical genius of IDeaS in the Function Space module with the simple and intuitive strategy tools and data displays of Smart Space.
  8. What makes Smart Space unique in the market? Whilst analytical tools have been widely available for managing guestrooms for many years now, there are simply no industry-wide solutions for optimizing revenue from meetings and event space.
  9. What makes Smart Space unique in the market? Smart Space is unique in that it encompasses the disciplines of sales, marketing, revenue management and catering management; it brings these areas together to improve strategy and sales focus by providing a simple application that puts the information necessary for better business management right at the user’s fingertips.
  10. Is Smart Space just for hotels, or are you helping other types of meetings & events spaces build a revenue strategy? Smart Space has been adopted at sporting venues in the UK with no bedroom accommodations. It was designed to focus entirely on the meeting and event space, so it is equally useful for any venue with event space – with or without bedrooms.
  11. What do you see as the greatest opportunity for meetings & events revenue strategy in the future? Access to data that was previously difficult or impossible to get to will revolutionize the understanding of business opportunities and allow for a much more sophisticated selling strategy. It will raise the focus on meetings management and enable smarter decision making.
  12. What do you see as the greatest opportunity for meetings & events revenue strategy in the future? Meetings space can provide a significant contribution to total revenue, but it is often sacrificed in the drive for improved metrics of guest room sales. Meetings and events strategy will awaken a new dimension in driving total revenue and profit in the hospitality industry.
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Hotelier Indonesia -  PT. Bytel Sarana Telkomindo

Enhance your guests' experience with a phone systems perfectly suited to hotels

Smart Communications for SMBsThe UNIVERGE® SV9100 platform is a new system, with new handsets and new applications to empower your workforce. Built on the back of the award winning SV8100 technology, the SV9100 provides double the system capacity, yet remains cost effective from 10 to over 800 users.

Serving the Hospitality Industry with Advanced IP and Analog Telephony Solutions WorldwideAEi brings cutting-edge telephony solutions to the most prestigious hotels and resorts worldwide. Our feature rich telephones exceed the expectations of the most demanding hoteliers with high quality, impeccable workmanship and stylish products. At AEi your satisfaction is our priority

PT. Bytel Sarana Telkomindo are the distributor of telecommunication system, providing our clients with the best solution and value on the market.

Jl. Utan Panjang Timur Raya no.6A
Komplek Ruko Klinik Anggrek
Jakarta - 10650

Phone : (021) 42888767
Fax : (021) 42888768
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Hotelier Indonesia 


Thursday, May 25

10:00 AM SGT 

The 2017 resort season is here, and in a year where the “talking heads” predict that hotel revenues will remain flat, resorts need every advantage they can get. 

Join SHR's Director of Revenue Management, Sarah Jones, and Client Experience Manager for Major Accounts, Ian Kemp, as they reveal how a finely-tuned CRS configuration can help boost your resort's revenue.

Sarah and Ian will guide you through helpful tactics such as: 
  • Selling a guest experience with URL and landing page functions 
  • Creating virtual suites and component rooms 
  • Marketing packages and add-ons for maximum impact 
  • Optimizing all of your booking channels 

Sarah Jones 
Director of Revenue Management

Ian Kemp 
Customer Experience Mgr., Major Accounts 

LIVE WEBINAR Date: Thursday, May 25 
Time: 10:00 AM SGT 

If you cannot make the live broadcast, register today, and we will send you the recording. 

We'll see you on the 25th!

Dave Chan
V.P., Finance & Corp. Dev. - Asia-Pacific 

Want to learn more about our products? 

Visit us at

3 International Business Park | #05-12 Nordic European Centre | Singapore 609927
Email us at [email protected] 

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About SHR
Our Mission To simplify the complex world of hoteliers with innovation and superior service. SHR is a premiere provider of advanced tools and services that help hotels execute their best distribution strategy while delighting guests and optimizing profitability. The technical maturity of SHR—having built not one but two Central Reservation Systems (CRS)—is second to none.

Our proprietary Windsurfer® CRS offers advanced features that allow you to easily manage your rates and inventory across all distribution channels, providing not only one of the best booking engines on the market, but also the strongest integrations and connections to wherever you sell your rooms. Year after year, Windsurfer continues to be a preferred distribution platform for a wide variety of hotel properties. Responsive and flexible, our Internet Booking Engine (IBE), TopSail™ lets you easily merchandise and sell your rooms, packages, and add-ons in virtually any way you choose. 

Offering a responsive design, shopping cart-style booking process, persuasive messaging, and other unique features, TopSail is fully optimized for single property independents, multi-property groups, and large hotels. In addition to its innovative technology, SHR also provides an outsourced revenue management service for properties of any size and brand affiliation. Dedicated to finding revenue solutions that work for your specific situation, we match you with an experienced revenue manager who will provide unique insight as you build and maintain a winning revenue management strategy. SHR brings hoteliers the best in nimble technology, intelligently supported by tested industry experts—keeping hotels competitive.

SHR has opened an office in Singapore to support its international expansion efforts.
Following the rapid growth over the past two years within the U.S., SHR’s first major step towards expansion in Asia-Pacific is the setting up and staffing of this regional hub in Singapore. Rod Jimenez, CEO for SHR, commented: “This is an important milestone for SHR and it represents our commitment to providing excellent serving and support to our client in this region.”

Asia Pacific Headquarters – Singapore

3 International Business Park
#05-12 Nordic European Centre
Singapore 609927
[email protected]

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For 25 years, we have been helping the world’s hospitality businesses maximize their revenue performance. A pioneer and global technology leader, IDeaS offers industry-leading revenue management solutions for business of all types and sizes in the global hospitality and travel industries.

We transform the right data into clear and actionable insight, so that our clients can price, forecast and report with speed and confidence, improving business performance. Throughout our history, our mission has been the same. We want to make revenue management so user-friendly, insightful and profitable that you wouldn’t dream of doing it any other way.

Testimonial :

We looked again to IDeaS for support not just because of its world-leading solutions, but also because over the course of our relationship they had continually demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs.- TRAVELODGE

Decision Systems
  • All hotels face the common challenges of how to: 
  • Forecast occupancy 
  • Set associated pricing strategies 
  • Determine overbooking levels 
  • Distribute pricing across various channels 
  • Report on the results
Regardless of these challenges, hotel businesses should not have to sacrifice time reviewing and implementing system recommendations rather than executing a revenue strategy.

Underneath the surface and behind its sleek user interface, IDeaS cloud-based solutions continually produce powerful decisions that enable hotels to achieve optimal revenue performance through automated controls that manage pricing, rate availability and overbooking. These decisions are based on a sophisticated analytical understanding of how a hotel’s business behaves.
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3 Great Marketing Strategies for Golf Courses

Golf is a game built on tradition, but that doesn’t mean your golf course marketing strategy needs to be. If you’re having a hard time getting new members, filling your tee sheets, selling your merchandise, and packing your tournaments and events, you may need to start re-thinking your golf marketing strategy.

As an avid golf blogger with years of experience in the industry and now working in the marketing business, I’ve found that the golf industry has not kept up with the times when it comes to marketing and advertising. Since the invent of social media and networking, online advertising, and website optimization, golf courses seem to have paid little attention. Time and time again I see golf course ads in magazines, newspaper, radio, television and direct mail letters. Where is the most targeted approach with web 2.0 golf marketing strategies? In this article, we’ll discuss three great marketing strategies that golf courses should be taking advantage of.Golf Social Media & Networking

A simple search on Facebook for the words “golf course” or “golf club” shows you how few golf courses are actually taking advantage of this great new marketing medium. This baffles me. Facebook specifically, is a perfect fit for golf course marketing. With a little creativity and work, you can easily build a dedicated and engaged following for your golf course on Facebook. Once built, you can update your fans on anything your heart desires – fill last-minute tee time cancellations in seconds, share your corporate banquet / event capabilities, pose surveys, help advertise your club events and tournaments, and so much more. The best part? Once your golf course Facebook page and following are set up, advertising and marketing are completely free!
Online Advertising for Golf Courses

Let’s face it. The golf industry is a pretty saturated market. In nearly every large city throughout North America, you can find 20-100 nearby golf courses to play a round at. Many golf courses struggle with standing out above this noise. With that said, very few golf courses are taking advantage of online advertising to help get them noticed.

Traditional marketing channels like newspaper, magazines and television are expensive and relatively untargeted. Whether you’re using LinkedIn advertising to get new corporate clients, Facebook ads for filling your Men’s Open or Google AdWords to help fill your mid-afternoon tee-time lulls – with these channels you can narrow down who you want to advertise to, and on little dime! For example, with online advertising, you could target single 40-something-year-old golfers, who enjoy wine for your next mixer for no more than $0.50 a click. There’s no way to do this using traditional marketing mediums.

Website Optimization for Golf Courses
In general, I think this is a particular sore point when it comes to golf course marketing. More and more, your customers will be searching your golf course via online channels. How does your website look? Is it professional? Can it be viewed on mobile devices? Does it provide the accurate information your customers need? Can it be found?

If you cannot answer all these questions with confidence, it may be time to update your golf course website. Moving your website to an easy-to-use, professional and strategic design that your course staff updates is the best way to truly provide your customers with an up-to-date, ideal golf web experience. Further to that, working on some simple search-engine optimization strategies and link building will help get you noticed above your competition. Once set up, also don’t forget to integrate your social media platforms to help build your following.